Steam Summer Sale brings discounts for Steam Deck as well
Published in Gaming

Down by up to 20 percent

Valve's handheld console, the Steam Deck, has been discounted by up to 20 percent during the Steam Summer Sale, with the most expensive model now priced at $519.20.

Asus officially launches the new Zenfone 10
Published in Mobiles

5.9-inch flagship smartphone gets Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC and better camera system

Asus has officially launched its new Zenfone 10 smartphone, a smartphone that packs flagship hardware into a compact 5.9-inch body. Asus tapped a rather interesting market with its Zenfone smartphones, putting flagship hardware into a compact body, and the Zenfone 10 pushes it to a whole new level. While it might look similar to its predecessor, the Zenfone 10 brings plenty of improvements.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X3D launches as Micro Center exclusive
Published in PC Hardware

6-core/12-thread SKU with X3D cache for $229

The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X3D has been already leaked earlier, but now it appears it will be launched as an exclusive SKU for Micro Center retailer in the US, priced at $229. This means it will not be coming to other regions.

Two killed in experimental hybrid car crash
Published in Transportation

Ironically part of a Life-Save project

Two people are dead after the experimental hybrid electric car in which they were travelling exploded on a Naples highway.

AI used to deal with cold callers
Published in AI

Zero pity 

Cold and automated callers are suddenly facing a hard time from AI software and voice cloners which are simulating victims and who are willing to keep them on the phone forever.

Valve banning Steam games featuring AI-created art
Published in Gaming

Developers must prove they have paid for it

Valve has reportedly started banning Steam games featuring AI-created art assets, unless developers can prove they have rights to the IP used in the data set that trained the AI to create them.

FTC takes on Amazon
Published in News

A major anti-trust battle 

The Federal Trade Commission is preparing to file a major antitrust lawsuit accusing Amazon of "using its power to reward online merchants that use its logistics services and punish those who don't."

Google pulls plug on AR glasses
Published in News

Will leave the ground to others 

While the Tame Apple Press thought that their favourite companies very late arrival onto the AR scene would spur others to "copy it" it would appear that one of the bigger players has decided to give up.

Brave will shut down port scans
Published in News

Stop website snooping

The Brave browser will crack down on websites that snoop on visitors by scanning their open Internet ports or accessing other network resources that can expose personal information.

Oracle adapts database to work with Ampere chips
Published in PC Hardware

x86 has reached its limits

Oracle said that it has modified its flagship database software to work on a new category of computing chip, starting with chips from Ampere Computing.

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