Sol Reader goes on pre-order
Published in IoT

A headset to read books

Sol Reader has put its headset designed reading books onto pre-order.

Zuckerberg says “meh” to Apple’s Vision Pro
Published in IoT

Out-of-date, over-priced and nothing we have not already explored

Desperate to find a way to advertise Apple’s pointless VR specs, the Tame Apple Press has asked Mark Zuckerberg what he thinks of the technology and if he is ready to surrender his metaverse dreams to his superior Jobs’ Mob overlords.

Software incorrectly tells 400 people they have cancer
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That will ruin your day

A biotechnology company selling a $949 blood test that it bills as a "first of its kind" to detect cancer said it incorrectly informed about 400 customers that they might have the disease.

Apple shows off its Vision Pro specs
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Late, out-of-date, impractical, and hideously over-priced

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has finally released a product for rich kids who were dropped on their heads by their nannies.

Meta releases Quest 3 VR headset
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$499.99 headset arrives in Autumn 

Meta has officially announced its Quest 3 VR headset in a post on Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram.