Google moans to FTC about Microsoft cloud
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Tweedledum and Tweedledee 

Google has formally filed a complaint to the US Federal Trade Commission, publicly alleging that Microsoft used its dominant position in enterprise software to push customers toward Vole's cloud services.

Amazon releases mysterious Snow
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You know nothing about Snow

Amazon Web Services has announced a new member of its "Snow" family of on-prem hardware -- but the machine’s specs appear not to be available to eyes outside the US military.

Google expands intelligent cloud into healthcare
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Helping medical professionals find patent information

Google's cloud business is expanding its use of new artificial intelligence technologies in health care. It allows medical professionals at Mayo Clinic to find patient information using tools powering the latest chatbots quickly.

Cloud gaming still tricky
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Warns Sony 

Sony's chief executive has warned that cloud gaming is still technically "very tricky," playing down the risk to the console maker of the industry quickly converting to a technology on which its rival Microsoft has invested shedloads of cash.

Troubled MariaDB shuffles CEO sideways
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Michael Howard replaced by Paul O’Brien

There has been a significant reshuffle at the troubled open saucy MariaDB where Michael Howard, the company’s current CEO has been replaced by Paul O’Brien.