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FTC takes on Amazon
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A major anti-trust battle 

The Federal Trade Commission is preparing to file a major antitrust lawsuit accusing Amazon of "using its power to reward online merchants that use its logistics services and punish those who don't."

Google pulls plug on AR glasses
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Will leave the ground to others 

While the Tame Apple Press thought that their favourite companies very late arrival onto the AR scene would spur others to "copy it" it would appear that one of the bigger players has decided to give up.

Brave will shut down port scans
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Stop website snooping

The Brave browser will crack down on websites that snoop on visitors by scanning their open Internet ports or accessing other network resources that can expose personal information.

Iceland has the best Internet in Europe
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Least Borjked  

Research by VPS Server has found that Iceland has the best internet in Europe.

Suppliers should buy chips sold to blacklisted Yangtze Memory Technologies back
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Do the right  thing

Blacklisted Yangtze Memory Technologies Co has asked its suppliers to buy back the chips and equipment it is forbidden to use.